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Moe’s story: 

I was sitting in my office minding my own business when the “ping” of “you’ve got mail” sounded. It was an email from Rusty Human of Stanwick Persians and all she sent was this tiny photo of a 3 week old kitten with its eyes barely open and its ears hanging around its jaw! And that was me gone – I was in love! I emailed her immediately to tell her that , whatever the gender, I wanted that kitten, and before the mail was even sent I phoned her. Rusty burst out laughing when she heard my voice, but this boy was mine and he arrived 8 weeks later and blew me away!

And then he went UGLY! Luckily Rusty persuaded me to be patient and wait for his adult teeth to come in , which I did and when Moe went on show for the first time at 6 months he knocked everyone’s sock off – built like a truck, huge bone, small ears, large eyes and chocolate brown eye colour, he changed the face of white Persians in this country forever…

And was he ever a showman! He LOVED the attention and I loved showing him…he was “my” very special boy…and he changed the face of L’Exquisite forever and put my cattery “on the map”. 

He produced 2 COTY winners for me : SPCH L’Exquisite Count Pushkin NW – CFSA Cat of the Year 2002 and SPPR L’Exquisite Beau Monde NW – SACC Cat of the Year 2006. 

But more important than his many show achievements was his nature – sweet and gentle he could live with other entire males without any fighting. He tolerated my (busy) Bengal and showed him who was boss, and he was a caring mate for the girls I put with him. He had a deep and gentle purr that I could feel in my marrow and he loved nothing more than to be held in my arms and he would rub his head against my face and neck. 

I miss him so much and will be forever grateful to him and Rusty for changing my life forever. Moe passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 10 April 2012 to be with his breeder Rusty. 

Gone but never forgotten…always cherished, very loved and terribly missed….



Brenda Neukircher
L'Exquisite Persians & Exotics

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