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Dreadfully missed,

25 September 1998 - 23 September 2011


Peaches was born in the USA and her breeder was Debra Jensen from a tiny cattery there.  I remember seeing her advertise a blue & white male kitten and, to cut a long story short, she sent the boy to me and with him arrived Peaches - as a gift as she was going to pet her out. 


I absolutely adored Peaches the minute I saw her.  Short little stocky body, huge copper eyes, tiny ears, huge coat and a HUGE purrsonality.  She walked into my house and ruled the roost until the day she passed on, and I fondly dubbed her "Mrs Mind-Your-P's-&Q's].  Peaches was my constant bed companion and slept in-between the pillow and the bed stand, and purred me to sleep every night.  She kept her eye on the kittens and their moms and sorted out anyone that was a little too cheeky for her liking and made sure that the babies kept on the straight and narrow.

Her very first litter was sired by SPCH Stanwick Proud Moment of L'Exquisite NQ and from that litter SPCH L'Exquisite Count Pushkin was born.  He went on too become CFSA Ruby Cat 2001 and CFSA's very first Persian winner of COTY 2002.

Her second litter produced me 2 kittens - a solid cream and a cream cameo called SPCH L'Exquisite Chablis.  Chablis went on to produce Triple SPCH L'Exquisite C'est Si Bon of Tres Jolie, SPCH L'Exquisite C'est Si Belle and GRCH L'Exquisite Tres Bon.  This entire litter was a milestone for me as C'est Si Bon was CFSA Kitten Of The Year 2005; his sister [Belle] was CFSA Ruby Cat 2005 and the entire litter was CFSA Litter Of The Year 2005.  In 2008 C'est Si Bon was CFSA Cat Of The Year.

Peaches 3rd litter game me a singleton baby I called Insousience and she produced [amongst others] L'Exquisite Mystique of Tres Jolie who was CFSA's Runner-up Neuter Of The Year 2009 AND SACC Runner-up Neuter Of The Year 2009.

Peaches also fostered a litter of 3 kittens when their mother died [despite having a litter of 4 of her own!] and from that litter SPPR L'Exquisite Beau Monde was SACC Cat Of The year 2006.

Peaches became a DM easily and her very last litter [before her spay] produced Triple SPCH L'Exquisite Le Bonheur NW who became CFSA CAT OF THE YEAR 2011.

Peaches was the most remarkable cat and has impacted my life in just so many ways that it is difficult to describe. 

I miss her every single day - my little "Golden Goose".  I will never forget  you.



Brenda Neukircher
L'Exquisite Persians & Exotics

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