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At WODAC weekend 20-22 July 2018

SPCH Almathea Blue Marine of L’Exquisite
runner-up best in show on 20 July 2018 AND on 22 July 2018

SPPR ArteKatz Degas of L’Exquisite
placed 9th  overall All Breeds on 20 July 2018

SPPR L’Exquisite King of Spades WQ
placed 8th overall All Breeds on 22 July 2018
well done Tyrone Pearce!

L’Exquisite L’Chaim was nominated for BIS on Friday 20 July 2018

L’Exquisite Samba became a Supreme Champion and was nominated in 4/6 rings



L’Exquisite has the following qualifiers for SACC COTY 2018:

L’Exquisite Incroyable (neuter)

L’Exquisite My Fair Lady (Kitten)

L’Exquisite French Toast (neuter) – proud owner Penny Steyn

L’Exquisite Sound of Music of Rock n Purr (Entire) – proud owner Lynelle van Aarde


Thank you Penny Steyn & Lynelle van Aarde for loving, showing & taking such exceptional care of your L’Exquisite cats.
I am immensely proud of this achievement this year.



Lauvander’s Flame of Love of L’Exquisite
Now a CH & runner-up Persian entire

L’Exquisite My Fair Lady
Best Persian Kitten & runner-up Best Kitten in Show (all breeds)

L’Exquisite Incroyable
now a premier ; Best Persian neuter in show & best neuter overall (all breeds)



Lauvander’s Flame of Love of L’Exquisite
4th Persian adult in show

L’Exquisite Incroyable
runner-up best Persian neuter in show

 L’Exquisite My Fair Lady
Best Persian Kitten and overall best Kitten in show (all breeds)



Lauvander’s Flame of Love of L’Exquisite
now a GRCH & 8th best cat in show (all breeds)

L’Exquisite Legato
now a GRCH



Brenda Neukircher
L'Exquisite Persians & Exotics

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